Colin-Potter-ThompsonWe grew from Fine Arts when Alan and Grace realised there was a need for an art and craft supplier in Richmond. Grace had struggled to get some materials and after talking to a wholesaler, we began to stock various paints, papers and brushes.

It ballooned from there! We now have an extensive range of acrylic, watercolour and oil papers, pads and canvases and also cover a wide range of craft supplies as well. We try to source products that are hard to find and will even pass a customer on to another supplier, were we deem it necessary.

Both Alan and Grace have a broad knowledge of art and craft materials and will endeavour to help with most queries and enquiries. What we don't know we will try and find out.


Grace Gilpin is available for talks and demonstrations, for further information please call Grace or Alan on Tel. 01748 826268 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.